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Titel Autoren Zeitschrift
A numerical model for enzymatically induced calcium carbonate precipitation Johannes Hommel, Arda Akyel, Zachary Frieling, Adrienne J. Phillips, Robin Gerlach, Alfred B. Cunningham and Holger Class

Applied Sciences 2020, 10, 4538


Surface optimization of micro-integrated reflective optical elements by thermoset injection molding Thomas Guenther, Lars Diegel, Marcel Roeder, Marc Drexler, Mehmet Haybat, Peter Wappler, Mahdi Soltani and André Zimmermann

Applied Sciences 2020, 10, 4197


A newly discovered relation between the critical resolved shear stress and the fatigue endurance limit for metallic materials Marijo Mlikota and Siegfried Schmauder

Metals 2020, 10, 803


A more realistic heat pump control approach by application of an integrated two-part control Maximilian Schulz, Thomas Kemmler, Julia Kumm, Kai Hufendiek and Bernd Thomas

Energies 2020, 13, 2752


Selective targeting of TNF receptors as a novel therapeutic approach Roman Fischer, Roland E. Kontermann and Klaus Pfizenmaier

Frontiers in Cell and Developmental Biology | Signaling 2020, Volume 8, Article 401


Optimality principles in human point-to-manifold reaching accounting for muscle dynamics Isabell Wochner, Danny Driess, Heiko Zimmermann, Daniel F. B. Haeufle, Marc Toussaint and Syn Schmitt

Frontiers in Computational Neuroscience 2020, Volume 14, Article 38


Comparison of local and global optimization methods for calibrating of a 3D morphodynamic model of a curved channel Vahid Shoarinezhad, Silke Wieprecht and Stefan Haun

Water 2020, 12, 1333


Impact of long-term water inflow uncertainty on wholesale electricity prices in markets with high shares of renewable energies and storages Heike Scheben, Nikolai Klempp and Kai Hufendiek

Energies 2020, 13, 2347


Optimizing magnesium thin films for optical switching applications: rules and recipes Julian Karst, Mario Hentschel, Florian Sterl, Heiko Linnenbank, Monika Ubl, and Harald Giessen

Optical Materials Express 2020, Vol. 10, No. 6, pp, 1346-1362


Development of an epigenetic tetracycline sensor system based on DNA methylation

Timo Ullrich, Sara Weirich, Albert Jeltsch

PLoS ONE 2020, 15(5): e0232701


Simultaneous optimization of process operational and material parameters for a 2-bed adsorption refrigeration process

Marc Scherle and Ulrich Nieken

ChemEngineering 2020, 4, 31


The cellular response to lanthanum is substrate specific and reveals a novel route for glycerol metabolism in Pseudomonas putida KT2440

Matthias Wehrmann, Maxime Toussaint, Jens Pfannstiel, Patrick Billard, Janosch Klebensberger

mBio 2020, Volume 11, Issue 2, e00516-20


Alignment-free difference frequency light source tunable from 5 to 20 µm by mixing two independently tunable OPOs

Florian Mörz, Tobias Steinle, Heiko Linnenbank, Andy Steinmann, and Harald Giessen

Optics Express 2020, Vol. 28, No. 8, pp. 11883-11891


Wannier states of FCC symmetry qualifying paramagnetic NiO to be a Mott insulator

Ekkehard Krüger

Symmetry 2020, 12, 687


Elementary error model applied to terrestrial laser scanning measurements: study case arch dam Kops

Gabriel Kerekes and Volker Schwieger

Mathematics 2020, 8, 593


Novel anion exchange membrane based on poly(pentafluorostyrene) substituted with mercaptotetrazole pendant groups and its blend with polybenzimidazole for vanadium redox flow battery applications

Hyeongrae Cho, Vladimir Atanasov, Henning M. Krieg and Jochen A. Kerres

Polymers 2020, 12, 915


Hot and cool executive function in elite- and amateur- adolescent athletes from open and closed skills sports Benjamin Holfelder, Thomas Jürgen Klotzbier, Moritz Eisele and Nadja Schott

Frontiers in Psychology | Movement Science and Sport Psychology 2020, Volume 11, Article 694


A conceptual framework to understand the dynamics of rural-urban linkages for rural flood vulnerability Ali Jamsehd, Joern Birkmann, Daniel Feldmeyer and Irfan Ahmad Rana

Sustainability 2020, 12, 2894


The influence of micro-structured anode current collectors in combination with highly concentrated electrolyte on the Coulombic efficiency of in-situ deposited Li-metal electrodes with different counter electrodes Fabian Heim, Tina Kreher and Kai Peter Birke

Batteries 2020, 6, 20


Impact of B-ring substitution and acylation with hydroxy cinnamic acids on the inhibition of porcine α-amylase by anthocyanin-3-glycosides Julia A. H. Kaeswurm, Lisa Könighofer, Melanie Hogg, Andreas Scharinger and Maria Buchweitz

Foods 2020, 9, 367


Influence of wastewater discharge on the occurrence of PBTC, HEDP, and aminophosphonates in sediment, suspended matter, and the aqueous phase of rivers Eduard Rott, Oliver Happel, Dominic Armbruster, Ralf Minke

Water 2020, 12, 803


Experimental and simulation study on validating a numerical model for CO2 density-driven dissolution in water Holger Class, Kilian Weishaupt and Oliver Trötschler

Water 2020, 12, 738


Formulation and polymerization of foamed 1,4-BDDMA-in-
water emulsions
Miriam Lucia Dabrowski, Martin Hamann and Cosima Stubenrauch

RSC Advances 2020, 10, pp. 8917-8926


Development of sustainable test sites for mineral exploration and knowledge spillover for industry

Michaela Kesselring, Frank Wagner, Moritz Kirsch, Leila Ajjabou and Richard Gloaguen

Sustainability 2020, 12, 2016


Reconstructing temporal and spatial dynamics from single-cell pseudotime using prior knowledge of real scale cell densities Karsten Kuritz, Daniela Stöhr, Daniela Simone Maichl, Nadine Pollak, Markus Rehm & Frank Allgöwer

Scientific Reports 2020, 10:3619


Tailoring the plasmonic Fano resonance in metallic photonic crystals Christina Bauer and Harald Giessen

Nanophotonics 2020, 9(2), pp. 523-531


High capacity rock salt type Li2MnO3-δ thin film battery electrodes Henry A. Müller, Yug Joshi, Efi Hadjixenophontos, Claudia Peter, Gábor Csiszár, Gunther Richter and Guido Schmitz

RSC Advances 2020, 10, pp. 3636-3645


High velocity suspension flame spraying (HVSFS) of metal suspensions Matthias Blum, Peter Krieg, Andreas Killinger, Rainer Gadow, Jan Luth and Fabian Trenkle

Metals 2020, 13, 621


Binder-free V2O5 cathode for high energy density rechargeable aluminum-ion batteries Achim M. Diem, Bernhard Fenk, Joachim Bill and Zaklina Burghard

Nanomaterials 2020, 10, 247


Acid-base flow battery, based on reverse electrodialysis with bi-polar membranes: stack experiments Jiabing Xia, Gerhart Eigenberger, Heinrich Strathmann and Ulrich Nieken

Processes 2020, 8, 99


Insect habitat-systems integrated in façades-impact on building physics and awareness of society Linda Meier, Johanna Raps and Philip Leistner

Sustainability 2020, 12, 570


Structural distortion stabilizing the antiferromagnetic and insulating ground state of NiO Ekkehard Krüger

Symmetry 2020, 12, 56


Behavior of PBTC, HEDP, and aminophosphonates in the process of wastewater treatment Eduard Rott, Oliver Happel, Dominic Armbruster and Ralf Minke

Water 2020, 12, 53


Pressure tuned interactions in frustrated magnets: Pathway to quantum spin liquids? Tobias Biesner and Ece Uykur

Crystals 2020, 10, 4


Superior Treg-expanding properties of a novel dual-acting cytokine fusion protein Tanja Padutsch, Maksim Sendetski, Carina Huber, Nathalie Peters, Klaus Pfizenmaier, John R. Bethea, Roland E. Kontermann and Roman Fischer

Frontiers in Pharmacology | Experimental Pharmacology
and Drug Discovery
2019, Volume 10, Article 1490


A low-cost fluorescence reader for in vitro transcription and nucleic acid detection with Cas13a Florian Katzmeier, Lukas Aufinger, Aurore Dupin, Jorge Quintero, Matthias Lenz, Ludwig Bauer, Sven Klumpe, Dawafuti Sherpa, Benedikt Dürr, Maximilian Honemann, Igor Styazhkin, Friedrich C. Simmel, Michael Heymann

PLoS ONE 2019, 14(12): e0220091


Ionic conductivity of melt-frozen LiBH4 films J. Trück, E. Hadjixenophontos, Yug Joshi, G. Richter, P. Stender and G. Schmitz

RSC Advances 2019, 9, pp. 38855-38859


A cyanide-free synthesis of acylcyanides through Ru-catalyzed C(sp3)-H-oxidation of benzylic nitriles Pascal Eisele, Michael Bauder, Shih‐Fan Hsu, Bernd Plietker

ChemistryOpen 2019, 8, pp. 689-691


Precipitation characteristics at two locations in the tropical Andes by means of vertically pointing micro-rain radar observations Jochen Seidel, Katja Trachte, Johanna Orellana-Alvear, Rafael Figueroa, Rolando Célleri, Jörg Bendix, Ciro Fernandez and Christian Huggel

Remote Sensing 2019, 11, 2985


Study of a Li-ion cell kinetics in five regions to predict Li plating using a pseudo-two dimensional model Sanaz Momeni Boroujeni and Kai Peter Birke

Sustainability 2019, 11, 6392


Single photon randomness based on a defect center in diamond Xing Chen, Johannes N. Greiner, Jörg Wrachtrup & Ilja Gerhardt

Scientific Reports 2019, 9:18474


3D printed stacked diffractive microlenses Simon Thiele, Christof Pruss, Alois M. Herkommer, and Harald Giessen

Optics Express 2019, Vol. 27, No. 24/25, pp. 35621-35630


Tailoring of an unusual oxidation state in a lanthanum tantalum(IV) oxynitride via precursor microstructure design Cora Bubeck, Marc Widenmeyer, Gunther Richter, Mauro Coduri, Eberhard Goering, Songhak Yoon & Anke Weidenkaff

Chemistry Communications 2019, 2:134


A simple and robust LC-ESI single quadrupole MS-based method to analyze neonicotinoids in honey bee extracts Melanie Allgaier, Julia M. Halder, Jens Kittelberger, Bernhard Hauer, Bernd A. Nebel

MethodsX 2019, 6, pp. 2484-2491


Spatiotemporal control of intracellular membrane trafficking by Rho GTPases Monilola A. Olayioye, Bettina Noll and Angelika Hausser

Cells 2019, 8, 1478


Optical properties of photoresists for femtosecond 3D printing: refractive index, extinction, luminescence-dose dependence, aging, heat treatment and comparison between 1-photon and 2-photon exposure Michael Schmid, Dominik Ludescher, and Harald Giessen

Opticals Materials Express 2019, Vol. 9, No. 12/1, pp. 4564-4577


Towards the understanding of the enzymatic cleavage of polyisoprene by the dihaem-dioxygenase RoxA Georg Schmitt, Jakob Birke and Dieter Jendrossek

AMB Express 2019, 9:166


Rare earth element (REE)-dependent growth of Pseudomonas putida KT2440 relies on the ABC-transporter PedA1A2BC and is influenced by iron availability Matthias Wehrmann, Charlotte Berthelot, Patrick Billard and Janosch Klebensberger

Frontiers in Microbiology | Microbial Physiology and Metabolism 2019, Volume 10, Article 2494


The connection between Bayesian inference and information theory for model selection, information gain and experimental design Sergey Oladyshkin, and Wolfgang Nowak

Entropy 2019, 21, 1081


Decoder-in-the-loop: genetic optimization-based LDPC code design Ahmed Elkelesh, Moustafa Ebada, Sebastian Cammerer, Laurent Schmalen and Stephan ten Brink

IEEE Access 2019, Volume 7, pp. 141161-141170


Terahertz transmission through TaAs single crystals in simultaneously applied magnetic and electric fields: possible optical signatures of the chiral anomaly in a Weyl semimetal Felix Hütt, Dmytro Kamenskyi, David Neubauer, Chandra Shekhar, Claudia Felser, Martin Dressel, Artem V. Pronin

Results in Physics 2019, 15, 102630


Probing DNA nucleobases with diamond (111) surfaces Miftahussurur Hamidi Putra and Maria Fyta

Journal of Physics Communications 2019, 3, 095007


Utilizing niobium plasmonic perfect absorbers for tunable near- and mid-IR photodetection Ahmed Farag, Monika Ubl, Annika Konzelmann, Mario Hentschel, and Harald Giessen

Optics Express 2019, Vol. 27, No. 18, pp. 25012-25021


Towards a correlation of form, use and meaning of German ge-prefixed predicative participles Tillmann Pross and Antje Roßdeutscher

Glossa: a journal of general linguistics 2019, 4(1): 93


Press to success: Gd5FW3O16 - The first gadolinium(III) fluoride oxidotungstate(VI) Katharina V. Dorn and Ingo Hartenbach

Crystals 2019, 9, 424


Continuous adaptive evolution of a fast-growing Corynebacterium glutamicum strain independent of protocatechuate Michaela Graf, Thorsten Haas, Felix Müller, Julia Harm-Bekbenbetova, Andreas Freund, Alexander Nieß, Marcus Persicke, Joern Kalinowski, Bastian Blombach and Ralf Takors

Frontiers in Microbiology | Systems Microbiology 2019, Volume 10, Article 1648


Integration of LCA in the planning phases of adaptive buildings Friederike Schlegl, Clemens Honold, Sophia Leistner, Stefan Albrecht, Daniel Roth, Walter Haase, Philip Leistner, Hansgeorg Binz and Werner Sobek

Sustainability 2019, 11, 4299


Analysis of primitive genetic interactions for the design of a genetic signal differentiator Wolfgang Halter, Richard M. Murray, and Frank Allgöwer

Synthetic Biology 2019, 4(1): ysz015


Explicit analytical expressions for the influence of welding
parameters on the grain structure of laser beam welds in
aluminium alloys
Christian Hagenlocher, Florian Fetzer, Daniel Weller, Rudolf Weber, Thomas Graf

Materials and Design 2019, 174, 107791


Reversing the direction of heat flow using quantum correlations Kaonan Micadei, John P. S. Peterson, Alexandre M. Souza, Roberto S. Sarthour, Ivan S. Oliveira, Gabriel T. Landi, Tiago B. Batalhão, Roberto M. Serra & Eric Lutz

Nature Communications 2019, 10:2456


Identifying the growth modulon of Corynebacterium glutamicum Thorsten Haas, Michaela Graf, Alexander Nieß, Tobias Busche, Jörn Kalinowski, Bastian Blombach and Ralf Takors

Frontiers in Microbiology | Systems Microbiology 2019, Volume 10, Article 974


Adaptive method for quantitative estimation of glucose and fructose concentrations in aqueous solutions based on infrared nanoantenna optics Benjamin Schuler, Lucca Kühner, Mario Hentschel, Harald Giessen and Cristina Tarín

Sensors 2019, 19, 3053


2-Ketogluconate kianse from Cupriavidus necator H16: purification, characterization, and exploration of its substrate specificity Israel Sánchez-Moreno, Natalie Trachtmann, Sibel Ilhan, Virgil Hélaine, Marielle Lemaire, Christine Guérard-Hélaine and Georg A. Sprenger

Molecules 2019, 24, 2393


Model-based investigation of porosity profiles in graphite anodes regarding sudden-death and second-life of lithium ion cells Daniel Müller, Thomas Dufaux and Kai Peter Birke

Batteries 2019, 5, 49


Hydrophobization of tobacco mosaic virus to control the mineralization of organic templates Petia Atanasova, Vladimir Atanasov, Lisa Wittum, Alexander Southan, Eunjin Choi, Christina Wege, Jochen Kerres, Sabine Eiben and Joachim Bill

Nanomaterials 2019, 9, 800


Indicators for monitoring urban climate change resilience and adaptation Daniel Feldmeyer, Daniela Wilden, Christian Kind, Theresa Kaiser, Rüdiger Goldschmidt, Christian Diller and Jörn Birkmann

Sustainability 2019, 11, 2931


Tunable green lasing from circular grating distributed feedback based on CH3NH3PbBr3
Matthäus Jäckle, Heiko Linnenbank, Mario Hentschel, Michael Saliba, Sergei G. Tikhodeev, and Harald Giessen

Optical Materials Express 2019, Vol. 9, No. 5, pp. 2006-2021


On-the-fly adaptivity for nonlinear twoscale simulations using artificial neural networks and reduced order modeling Felix Fritzen, Mauricio Fernández and Fredrik Larsson

Frontiers in Materials | Computational Materials Science 2019, Volume 6, Article 75


Optical signatures of energy gap in correlated Dirac fermions Ece Uykur, Weiwu Li, Christine A. Kuntscher & Martin Dressel

npj Quantum Materials 2019, 4:19


A novel approach for reliability investigation of LEDs on molded interconnect devices based on FE-analysis coupled to injection molding simulation Mahdi Soltani, Romit Kulkarni, Tobias Scheinost, Tobias Groezinger, André Zimmermann

IEEE Access 2019, Vol. 7, pp. 56163-56173


Atomic oxygen number densities in the mesophere-lower thermosphere region measured by solid electrolyte sensors on WADIS-2 Martin Eberhart, Stefan Löhle, Boris Strelnikov, Jonas Hedin, Mikhail Khaplanov, Stefanos Fasoulas, Jörg Gumbel, Franz-Josef Lübken, and Markus Rapp

Atmospheric Measurement Techniques 2019, 12, S. 2445-2461


Review on fabrication technologies for optical mold inserts Marcel Roeder, Thomas Guenther and André Zimmermann

Micromachines 2019, 10, 233


HILIC-enabled 13C metabolomics strategies: comparing quantitative precision and spectral accuracy of QTOF high- and QQQ low-resolution mass spectrometry André Feith, Attila Teleki, Michaela Graf, Lorenzo Favilli and Ralf Takors

Metabolites 2019, 9, 63


The less the better: How suppressed base addition boosts production of monoclonal antibodies with Chinese Hamster Ovary Cells Max Becker, Lisa Junghans, Attila Teleki, Jan Bechmann and Ralf Takors

Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology | Bioprocess Engineering 2019, Volume 7, Article 76


Conceptual framework for biodiversity assessments in global value chains Stephanie D. Maier, Jan Paul Lindner and Javier Francisco

Sustainability 2019, 11, 1841


Peptide controlled shaping of biomineralized tin(II) oxide into flower-like particles Stefan Kilper, Timotheus Jahnke, Katharina Wiegers, Vera Grohe, Zaklina Burghard, Joachim Bill and Dirk Rothenstein

Materials 2019, 12, 904


Heterogeneous distributed big data clustering on sparse grids David Pfander, Gregor Daiß and Dirk Pflüger

Algorithms 2019, 12, 60


Moment dynamics of Zirconia particle formation for optimizing particle size distribution Wolfgang Halter, Rahel Eisele, Dirk Rothenstein, Joachim Bill and Frank Allgöwer

Nanomaterials 2019, 9, 333


Minute-scale forecasting of wind power - results from the collaborative workshop of IEA Wind Task 32 and 36 Ines Würth, Laura Valldecabres, Elliot Simon, Corinna Möhrlen,  Bahri Uzunoglu, Ciaran Gilbert, Gregor Giebel, David Schlipf and Anton Kaifel

Energies 2019, 12, 712


Innovative scaled test platform e-Genius-Mod - scaling
methods and systems design
Dominique Paul Bergmann, Jan Denzel, Asmus Baden, Lucas Kugler and Andreas Strohmayer

Aerospace 2019, 6, 20


IL-1β and TNFα differentially influence NF-κB activity and FasL-induced apoptosis in primary murine hepatocytes during LPS-induced inflammation Julia Rex, Anna Lutz, Laura E. Faletti, Ute Albrecht, Maria Thomas, Johannes G. Bode, Christoph Borner, Oliver Sawodny and Irmgard Merfort

Frontiers in Physiology | Systems Biology 2019, Volume 10, Article 117


Natural Fibre-Reinforced Polymer Composites (NFRP) fabricated from lignocellulosic fibres for future sustainable architectural applications, case studies: segmented-shell construction, acoustic panels, and furniture Hanaa Dahy

Sensors 2019, 19, 738


The methoxylated, highly conjugated C40 carotenoids, spirilloxanthin and anhydrorhodovibrin, can be separated using high performance liquid chromatography with safe and environmentally friendly solvents Caroline Autenrieth and Robin Ghosh

Metabolites 2019, 9, 20


Mathematical modeling of diurnal patterns of carbon allocation to shoot and root in Arabidopsis thaliana Lisa Küstner, Thomas Nägele and Arnd G. Heyer

npj Systems Biology and Applications 2019, 5:4


Protein production in Escherichia coli is guided by the trade-off between intracellular substrate availability and energy cost Alexander Nieß, Martin Siemann-Herzberg and Ralf Takors

Microbial Cell Factories 2019, 18:8


Scaling the productivity of laser structuring processes using picosecond laser pulses at average powers of up to 420W to produce superhydrophobic surfaces on stainless steel AISI 316L Sebastian Faas, Uwe Bielke, Rudolf Weber & Thomas Graf

Scientific Reports 2019, 9:1933


Characterization and structure-guided engineering of the novel versatile terpene monooxygenase CYP109Q5 from Chondromyces apiculatus DSM436 Jan M. Klenk, Paulina Dubiel, Mahima Sharma, Gideon Grogan and Bernhard Hauer

Microbial Biotechnology 2019, 12(2), 377-391


Metabolic engineering of Escherichia coli for para-amino-phenylethanol and para-amino-phenylacetic acid biosynthesis Behrouz Mohammadi Nargesi, Georg A. Sprenger and Jung-Won Youn

Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology | Process and Industrial Biotechnology 2019, Volume 6, Article 201


Internal strain tunes electronic correlations on the nanoscal A. Pustogow, A. S. McLeod, Y. Saito, D. N. Basov and M. Dressel

Science Advances 2018, 4:eaau9123


A plant‐specific model approach to assess effects of repowering measures on existing biogas plants: the case of Baden‐Wuerttemberg Joshua Güsewell, Marlies Härdtlein, Ludger Eltrop

GCB Bioenergy 2019, 11:85-106


A modified Kulka micromethod for the rapid and safe analysis of fructose and 1-deoxy-D-xylulose-5-phosphate Shreya Shaw and Robin Ghosh

Metabolites 2018, 8, 77


Pressure monitoring cell for constrained battery electrodes Jan Patrick Singer, Christian Sämann, Tobias Gössl and Kai Peter Birke

Sensors 2018, 18, 3808


Bragg grating cavities embedded into nano-photonic waveguides for Purcell enhanced quantum dot emission Stefan Hepp, Stephanie Bauer, Florian Hornung, Mario Schwartz, Simone L. Portalupi, Michael Jetter, and Peter Michler

Optics Express 2018, Vol. 26, No. 23, pp. 30614-30622


Triazole-based cross-linkers in radical polymerization processes: tuning mechanical properties of poly(acrylamide) and poly(N,N-dimethylacrylamide) hydrogels Tobias Götz, Nicole Schädel, Nadja Petri, Manuel Kirchhof, Ursula Bilitewski, Günter E. M. Tovar, Sabine Laschat and Alexander Southan

RSC Advances 2018, 8, 34743


Determination of the thermally induced focal shift of processing optics for ultrafast lasers with average powers of up to 525 W Sebastian Faas, Daniel J. Foerster, Rudolf Weber, and Thomas Graf

Optics Express 2018, Vol. 26, No. 20, pp. 26020-26029


A new simulation framework for soil-root interaction, evaporation, root growth, and solute transport Timo Koch, Katharina Heck, Natalie Schröder, Holger Class and Rainer Helmig

Vadose Zone Journal 2018, Vol. 17, No. 170210


The PedS2/PedR2 two-component system is crucial for the rare earth element switch in Pseudomonas putida KT2440 Matthias Wehrmann, Charlotte Berthelot, Patrick Billard, Janosch Klebensberger

mSphere 2018, 3:e00376-18


Locality, control, and non-adjoined islands Silke Fischer

Glossa: a journal of general linguistics
2018, 3(1): 82


PREVIEW study - influence of a behavior modification intervention (PREMIT) in over 2300 people with pre-diabetes: intention, self-efficacy and outcome expectancies during the early phase of a lifestyle intervention Maija Huttunen-Lenz, Sylvia Hansen, Pia Christensen, Thomas Meinert Larsen, Finn Sandø-Pedersen, Mathijs Drummen, Tanja C. Adam, Ian A. Macdonald, Moira A. Taylor, J. Alfredo Martinez, Santiago Navas-Carretero, Svetoslav Handjiev, Sally D. Poppitt, Marta P. Silvestre, Mikael Fogelholm, Kirsi H. Pietiläinen, Jennie Brand-Miller, Agnes A. M. Berendsen, Anne Raben, Wolfgang Schlicht

Psychology Research and Behavior Management 2018, 11, 383-394


Production of p-amino-L-phenylalanine (L-PAPA) from glycerol by metabolic grafting of Escherichia coli Behrouz Mohammdi Nargesi, Natalie Trachtmann, Georg A. Sprenger and Jung-Won Youn

Microbial Cell Factories 2018, 17:149


Advanced computational fluid dynamics (CFD)-multi-body simulation (MBS) coupling to assess low-frequency emissions from wind turbines Levin Klein, Jonas Gude, Florian Wenz, Thorsten Lutz, and Ewald Krämer

Wind Energy Science 2018, 3, 713-728


Numerical analyses and optimizations on the flow in the nacelle region of a wind turbine Pascal Weihing, Tim Wegmann, Thorsten Lutz, Ewald Krämer, Timo Kühn, and Andree Altmikus

Wind Energy Science 2018, 3, 503-531


Reducing the uncertainty of lidar measurements in complex terrain using a linear model approach Martin Hofsäß, Andrew Clifton and Po Wen Cheng

Remote Sensing 2018, 10, 1465


The DNMT3A R882H mutation does not cause dominant negative effects in purified mixed DNMT3A/R882H complexes Max Emperle, Michael Dukatz, Stefan Kunert, Katharina Holzer, Arumugam Rajavelu,
Renata Z. Jurkowska & Albert Jeltsch

Scientific Reports 2018, 8:13242


Barcoding of plant viruses with circular single-stranded DNA based on rolling circle amplification Holger Jeske

Viruses 2018, 10, 469


Physiological response of Corynebacterium glutamicum to increasingly nutrient-rich growth conditions Michaela Graf, Julia Zieringer, Thorsten Haas, Alexander Nieß, Bastian Blombach and Ralf Takors

Frontiers in Microbiology | Systems Microbiology 2018, Volume 9, Article 2058


Impact of multidirectional transverse calf muscle loading on calf muscle force in young adults Tobias Siebert, Manuel Eb, David S. Ryan, James M.
Wakeling and Norman Stutzig

Frontiers in Physiology | Exercise Physiology 2018, Volume 9, Article 1148


Chromatin-dependent allosteric regulation of DNMT3A activity by MeCP2 Arumugam Rajavelu, Cristiana Lungu, Max Emperle, Michael Dukatz,
Alexander Bröhm, Julian Broche, Ines Hanelt, Edris Parsa, Sarah Schiffers,
Rahul Karnik, Alexander Meissner, Thomas Carell, Philipp Rathert, Renata
Z. Jurkowska and Albert Jeltsch

Nucleic Acids Research 2018, Vol. 46, No. 17, 9044-9056


The scale-free nature of protein sequence space Patrick C. F. Buchholz, Catharina Zeil, Jürgen Pleiss

PLoS ONE 2018, 13(8): e0200815


Auditory distraction by speech: comparison of fluctuating and steady speech-like masking sounds Tobias Renz, Philip Leistner, and Andreas Liebl

The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 2018, 144 (2), Express Letters 83


In silico prediction of large-scale microbial production performance: constraints for getting proper data-driven models

Julia Zieringer, Ralf Takors

Computational and Structural Biotechnology Journal 2018, 16, 246-256


Coherence properties of molecular single photons for quantum networks

Mohammad Rezai, Jörg Wrachtrup, and Ilja Gerhardt

Physical Review X 2018, 8, 031026


Tuning the second harmonic generation of self-generated metallic islands

Annika Konzelmann, Hemant Charaya, Bruno Gompf, Martin Dressel, and Audrey Berrier

AIP Advances 2018, 8, 075012


Cascaded DBR plasmonic cavity lens for far-field subwavelength imaging at a visible wavelength

Huiyu Li, Liwei Fu, Karsten Frenner, and Wolfgang Osten

Optics Express 2018, Vol. 26, No. 15, pp. 19574-19582


Bcl-2-mediated control of TRAIL-induced apoptotic response in the non-small lung cancer cell line NCI-H460 is effective at late caspase processing steps

Lubna Danish, Dirke Imig, Frank Allgöwer, Peter Scheurich, Nadine Pollak

PLoS ONE 2018, 13(6): e0198203


Injection compression molded microlens arrays for hyperspectral imaging

Marcel Roeder, Marc Drexler, Thilo Rothermel, Thomas Meissner, Thomas Guenther and André Zimmermann

Micromachines 2018, 9, 355


Deciphering the adaptation of Corynebacterium glutamicum in transition from aerobiosis via microaerobiosis to anaerobiosis

Julian Lange, Eugenia Münch, Jan Müller, Tobias Busche, Jörn Kalinowski, Ralf Takors and Bastian Blombach

Genes 2018, 9, 297


Profiles of cognitive-motor interference during walking: Does the motor or the cognitive task matter?

Nadja Schott and Thomas J. Klotzbier

Frontiers in Psychology | Movement Science and Sport Psychology 2018, Volume 9, Article 947


Cell-free protein synthesis from fast-growing Vibrio natriegens

Jurek Failmezger, Steffen Scholz, Bastian Blombach and Martin Siemann-Herzberg

Frontiers in Microbiology | Microbial Physiology and Metabolism
2018, Volume 9, Article 1146


Weld seam geometry and electrical resistance of laser-welded, aluminum-copper dissimilar joints produced with spatial beam oscillation

Michael Jarwitz, Florian Fetzer, Rudolf Weber, and Thomas Graf

Metals 2018, 8, 510


Influence of ammonium ions, organic load and flow rate on the UV/chlorine AOP applied to effluent of a wastewater treatment plant at pilot scale

Eduard Rott, Bertram Kuch, Claudia Lange, Philipp Richter and Ralf Minke

International Journal of
Environmental Research and
Public Health 2018, 15, 1276


k-space magnetism as the origin of superconductivity

Ekkehard Krüger

Symmetry 2018, 10, 259


About the suitability of different numerical methods to
reproduce model wind turbine measurements in a wind
tunnel with a high blockage ratio

Annette Claudia Klein, Sirko Bartholomay, David Marten, Thorsten Lutz, George Pechlivanoglou, Christian Navid Nayeri, Christian Oliver Paschereit, and Ewald Krämer

Wind Energy Science 2018, 3, 439-460


Modeling of second-harmonic generation in periodic nanostructures by the Fourier modal method with matched coordinates

J. Defrance, M. Schäferling, and T. Weiss

Optics Express 2018, Vol. 26, No. 11, pp. 13746-13758


Coupling thermal atomic vapor to slot waveguides

Ralf Ritter, Nico Gruhler, Helge Dobbertin, Harald Kübler, Stefan Scheel,
Wolfram Pernice, Tilman Pfau, and Robert Löw

Physical Review X 2018, 8, 021032


Quantitative prediction of power loss for damaged photovoltaic modules using electroluminescence

Timo Kropp, Markus Schubert and Jürgen H. Werner

Energies 2018, 11, 1172


Evaluation of different clinoptilolite zeolites as adsorbent for ammonium removal from highly concentrated wastewater

Stephan Wasielewski, Eduard Rott, Ralf Minke and Heidrun Steinmetz

Water 2018, 10, 584


Pure circular dichroism by curved rows of plasmonic nanoparticles

Meng Wang, Bruno Gompf, Martin Dressel, Nathalie Destouches, and Audrey Berrier

Optical Materials Express 2018, Vol. 8, No. 6, pp. 1515-1527


Cascaded plasmonic superlens for far-field imaging with magnification at visible wavelength

Huiyu Li, Liwei Fu, Karsten Frenner, and Wolfgang Osten

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A-type Ce2NCl3

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Multiscale modeling of vascular tumour growth in 3D: the roles of domain size and boundary conditions

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